Hull Golf Club

Ladies Invitation Day

Friday 26th August 2022 - Hull Golf Course, Red Tees

Conditions of Competition Entry

  • Today game be played under the rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and any local rules currently in place by Hull Golf Club competition committee
  • The Hull Golf Club Competition Committee is made up of the Competitions and Handicap Chairman and the PGA Professional Team on the day
  • It is each competitor's responsibility to read the terms of competition entry before play
  • Should a competitor have a rule query during the course of their round then they must adopt the two ball principle and complete the hole with the two balls and seek rules confirmation from the committee before returning their score
  • A score is deemed to be returned only when in the PSI terminal in the clubhouse or through the scoring app on their mobile devices, a card in a competition box without being entered into the computer has not been entered and shall count as an unreturned score
  • Any competitor not returning a card in the appropriate manner will not receive a share of the ‘Two’s Club’ winnings
  • In the result of a tie for final positions scores will be determined by card playoff in the order of back 9, back 6, back 3, back 1, back 15, back 12, and then in the lowest stroke index order
  • Individual competitions will receive a prize fund of 80% of tournament entries, team events may receive a higher percentage dependent on entries
  • Divisional and divisional prizes will be determined by the number of entries
  • Local Rules may be applied depending on course conditions. Rules will be published and found in the Professional Shop when signing in to play.

The contact for this competition is Jackie Fortnum (07724 848149)
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